There’s no better time to have a go at making your own sourdough bread. It’s a slow process (7 days) to make sure your ‘starter’ is nicely fermented. But once you have this, you keep feeding it and!just use as needed.

There are so many recipes but I used a yogurt based starter rather than yeast as it seemed much simpler. I followed @ben_sulston on you tube which was very helpful

So, not only does Sourdough taste delicious, it’s really good for our gut. This is because the fermentation process allows us to break down the grains more efficiently, thus enhanced nutrient absorption. Fibre intake increases too which is essential for our gut health (microbiome)

Sadly, in the industrialisation of bread, most loaves have had this fermentation process removed so there is very little nutritional value. For many people they experience bloating and digestive disturbances with bread, but perhaps it’s not the bread, but the production methods..

The only challenge is now getting hold of bread flour


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