VITAMIN D - the sunshine ☀️ Vitamin

VITAMIN D - the sunshine ☀️ Vitamin

As we’re moving away from those long sunny days you need to ensure you maintain good levels of Vitamin D. There is overwhelming evidence that Vitamin D plays a crucial role in supporting a healthy immune system which is pretty important at the moment. It’s almost impossible to get an adequate intake from our diet - in fact only about 15% (eggs, oily fish and mushrooms). The majority of our Vitamin D comes from sunlight and supplements. The NHS guidelines are to take a mere 400iu which is far from adequate if your blood levels are very low. Optimal levels in the blood are 100-120nmol/l

There are lots of online Vitamin D tests so you can find your level before supplementing #vitamind#immunesystem#optimalimmunity#vitamindandimmunity

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